Friday, September 01, 2006

Still Bored

Soon I'll be wishing I were back here on vacation. Soon I will feel utterly overwhelmed. I wish I could bottle up my boredom for another day. Store it away, so when those days come where I wish I could have two hours to do whatever I want, I could just reach into my store room of bottles of time.

I was going to do some stuff with the research I'm assisting with, but I'm too lazy. It's kind of sad. Maybe in an hour or so I'll be more ambitious.

I'm listening to the Squirrel Nut Zippers now. They're a pretty cool group - kind of some jazz and bluegrass kind of stuff (except modern-ish).

I've decided that I don't like reading books on my computer. It's annoying. Even if I tilt the screen so a whole page fits on at once, a laptop in your lap isn't nearly as comfortable as a book. Even a really big book. I think the screen is just hard on the eyes.

("Research shows that reading is around 25% slower from a computer screen than from paper." - is this true?)


noelle feather said...

Vacation....I remember the days. Those were good times.


I'm officially in STRESS mode, now that school has started.

Shazer said...

Forgot to tell you. 342 is an awesome class!! You actually get to volunteer at the mental hospital, and do some hands on work with the patients there. I actually plan on volunteering there again in the chance we just might happen to meet. Anyway, good class! I am guessing since you are taking 304 you've taken 301 and 302. 301 was a killer...(I guess because I am not blessed to be one of those "math-minded" people) and I hated it. I am taking 302 in the fall, and am just a little (ok, well...much more than a little) nervous about the whole thing. I just hope it goes well, and that I can somehow manage to pass...hopefully with flying colors! Yalom is awesome...and yes those two books are going to be used in 348. You know Okishii is teaching the other section. To bad I know him from other(hahaha...the CCC, though he's not my counselor) sources or I could probably take him. Heck, I guess I could take him anyway if I really wanted.
I really wish I had a job in the CCC. I really love this psych stuff!

Terrah said...

I'm a fan of the tesselations the are the background of your page.

And the Squirrel Nut Zippers.

Sheesh ... that band transports me back to junior high days ...

I'm feeling old.

Terrah said...

Caveat: My comment should read " ... the tesselations THAT are the background ... "

That's my editing OCD personality coming through.


Oh, and I discovered your blog through Shazer, who discovered my blog through ... ?

You know, I have no idea how she found me. However, she and I are blog friends now, and you're more than welcome to join the ranks.

noelle feather said...

I'd like to be blog friends, too! Although, I have no clue how I found your blog. I clicked and clicked and clicked--


Yarjka said...

I tried to read "The Brothers Karamazov" on my laptop - a mistake. I've decided it's impossible to read a whole book on the computer.

Thirdmango said...

Squirrel Nut Zippers is a very good band.