Thursday, September 14, 2006


So we were studying parallelism today. Fun stuff. My lame imitations:

Good soil gives growth to seeds;
Fertile minds birth ideas.
A fist that will not open to a gentle word
will not open to a harsh growl.
Capturing a frightened rabbit
is like learning a new word:
running to one side, and finding its limits,
wearing it out and finally conquering.
A mind that will not open to a gentle nod
will remain closed to rebuke.
A happy hue hibits learning;
Mineral rain encourages absorption.


Shazer said...

Found some more great literature you should look up., it all comes back to Yalom. I've only read about 6 pages in this new book...I just barely picked up at Barnes and Noble...but I thought I better tell you about it, so maybe you can find it. It is fiction...but with tons of psych stuff. It is called "Lying On The Couch." You ought to try to find it far I've laughed my head off.

Whistler said...

That reminds me, I've been meaning to tell you that the other day I sat down and checked out the reserve copy of Love's Executioner and read the preface and the first story. It was good stuff.

Shazer said...

Yah...Love's Executioner was the first Yalom book I ever read. Surprisingly, Okiishi was the one that recommended it. It costs like 14 bucks in the book store. You ought to just go pick up a copy. You'll enjoy it...and it never stays very long in the library...well, at least not long enough to actually check out and read. Plus it is good to have in your "reserve" of books. Good luck with finding more to read. Anything by Yalom has a thumbs up from me...he hasn't disappointed yet.