Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Guide to decorating for Thanksgiving when you do not have decorations

I finally put away the Halloween decorations, but I had a small crisis when I didn't have appropriate Thanksgiving decorations to fill in the gap. So I present you my guide to decorating for a holiday when you don't really have any decorations.

1. What do you have that looks nice? I have a lot of books, so I use books as my starting point.
2. What kinds of themes can you attach to the holiday in question? I've been thinking about Thanksgiving a little, and besides gratitude and thankfulness and pumpkins, Thanksgiving has a lot to do with colonialization, survival, exploration, and food. And the East Coast.
3. Combine the two so you can explain your decorations! Decorations are all about context, right?

Lots of exploration AND colonialization in this one
East Coast and survival
Survival and food
This is from I SPY Treasure. Lighthouses are coastal; maybe even east-coastal?

okay here is some general Thanksgiving nonsense to prove I can do this
Cardinal and fox=east coast. My kangaroo represents the exotic "other" and fox and kangaroo have always been married, so it seemed like a good theme to bring up at Thanksgiving. An exotic otter may have been even better.