Thursday, May 30, 2013

in which I tell you my health plans, because I know it is so interesting

I know you are all intensely interested in my health problems! Which is why I am telling you that I don't plan to get sinus surgery right now. I saw an allergist and he suggested that I try addressing my allergies first, which I am a fan of because it doesn't involve cutting my face up and ruining my summer. So, I'm taking some oral steroids now to see if that can help the sinus swelling. If it keeps being a problem I can do the allergy shot thing (yeah, it takes like two years... but almost cures allergies!), and after that if it is still a big issue, look at surgery. I'm kind of tired of delaying my fertility treatment though, so I'd like to start my IUI next cycle (I had to stop this time because I didn't want to get pregnant and then decide I wanted surgery). Here's hoping that I can get the swelling down and keep it down and not have to do crazy things.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Redwood mushrooms

Last year while I was visiting my family for Christmas we went hiking around Muir woods, a redwood forest. I took pictures of a lot of mushrooms because I think they look cool. It had rained almost the whole day the day before, so there were tons of them everywhere! 

Now that I'm getting more into mushroom identification, I wish I could have spent more time examining these mushrooms. Most little brown mushrooms (LBMs) are difficult to tell apart and not really worth trying to identify, at least for a novice. Here's some photos.

little brown mushrooms

whatever this is, it looked like melted cheese

maybe a brown cap

shelflike fungi on trees are usually Polyphores, which decay wood

perhaps some sort of puffball