Monday, December 08, 2014

Thanksgiving thankful tree

I stole my friend Tamsin's idea and we had a "Thanksgiving tree" this year. I took some of the stockier weed things we were cutting down in the backyard, took off their leaves, and put them in a vase of stones. Then I bought some luggage tag things that we wrote on and hung from the branches (I guess ideally they would be leaf-shaped, but it's fall so I am okay with having a leafless tree).

It was good to remember what we were thankful for. Here were the things I was thankful for:
forgiveness - this sounds dramatic. I was kind of rude to someone on the phone and later I said I was sorry.
baby toys/chairs
loving family
good food
people who believe in me and my abilities
pizza and restaurants
domesticated animals - I was thinking of chickens and cows specifically, but dogs are nice too.
a strong body
easily-cleaned couch - Piper spit up a huge amount one morning.
that Piper is alive and well - I tried to walk Piper and Koko at the same time, and Koko knocked over Piper's stroller while she was in it. Luckily she landed in the grass and was fine.
online shopping
home-cooked food and a clean kitchen - I wanted to capture more than this - that I have a good habit of cooking and cleaning the kitchen, and that I'm mentally healthy enough to keep up that habit.
breastfeeding - it is really convenient
running water
our dishwasher
Adam's list:
our two working cars
good friends
online palettes
our cute baby
funny internet videos
baby cooing noises

our visitors:
warm blankets
good books
I bought some more Thanksgiving history books (I'm not sure why but I just love reading about early colonists' lives).  Our Thanksgiving display improves! Now I just have to find a way to use up those decorative squash...