Monday, December 07, 2015

Things we were thankful for this November

Here's what I was thankful for this year:

snow boots
good music
infant tylenol (Piper and I both got colds at the same time)
a landscaped yard
a warm house
comfy bed
river trail
eBooks and library eBooks
hot chocolate
skype (Adam went on a work trip and we skyped every night)
handy neighbors (we didn't realize that we had to turn the water off for our sprinklers and our neighbor helped us)
frozen meals


working from home
this blanket (the jeans quilt I and his mom made for him)
you making dinner
in-home humidifier

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Clouds and food

Family photos over on the family photo blog! Here are some non-baby pictures for you too:

some kind of caterpillar we found on the river trail
mushroom tree
bridal veil falls

I like the texture of this brick
Happy Halloween
Hiking Timp

yeah, it rained
In the fall you can go wading in leaves

cap cloud on Timp
cute little panni clouds

I had a party for the British Bake-off finale! I made this Pan L'Accienne. Koko ate one of my loaves >_<
Adam and I made minestrone
Our cousin brought macarons and this photo doesn't do it justice. Grapefruit ganache!
My neighbor brought eclairs and they were delicious. Then I got too busy hosting and didn't take any more photos.
One night in November we had the most awesome sunset.

view from our room in Albuquerque