Friday, May 01, 2015


There's a new picture post over on my family blog. We moved and it was pretty stressful, but we had lots of help. My parents visited and helped unpack more things and my in-laws helped get our former house ready to sell. Piper is crawling around and getting into everything. We've been buying lots of new stuff (bedding for the guest room, rug for the library, a more childproof media stand) and I feel bad about being such a consumerist. I haven't been exercising every day like I was, and I feel like I should do that more.

I've been helping with a new game project with my husband, two of his siblings, and some friends. I kind of feel like everyone has something important to contribute except for me, but Adam is hoping I can help everyone stick with the project long enough to complete it. I guess in the past I have excelled at being consistent and persistent. But ever since I dropped out of graduate school, I feel less obligation to finish things. On the third hand, I know if I'm determined I can stick with something.

Meanwhile, some other pictures that didn't make the "family photos" cut:

love slow-cooker meals but can't stand the smell? My neighbor has the perfect solution.
gnarly dude
I found a fungus in our new backyard! I'm not sure what it is, if it's even a mushroom. It's rigid to the touch.

sunsets here are pretty great too
saw lots of this field crescent butterfly on a hike