Friday, April 27, 2007


I went shopping for some tennis shoes today. I biked down to Shopko on a grand adventure. I feel so indecisive about buying shoes. It feels like I'm making a major life decision. I mean, whatever shoes I buy will end up being a major part of my life and identity. I ended up buying two pairs of shoes, which means my total is seven pairs of shoes. I don't know why I buy things when I don't especially need them. I did need tennis shoes though, for my upcoming racquetball class. They're these white shoes with a blue stripe (bent at about a 75 degree angle). I had trouble finding cheap shoes with arch support, so I might just buy new arch supports to use in shoes. Maybe ones that are thinner than the Dr. Scholl's ones I have. The other pair was a little bit of an impulse buy. I wanted a flat pair of summer church shoes that would cover my toes, so I bought a pair. I think having cash from selling books increases by chances of buying things. Oh well, at least I don't go shopping often.

Data and I broke up Tuesday. I miss him.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Pound - #

So, yesterday at work I was unpacking everything, and I discovered that we had lost our voicemail password. I called OIT to see what I could do about it, and they reset it for me. I tried manipulating the system to set my own password, but the phone began acting very strangely. It would ask me for unrelated things like my ID or last name. So I called OIT back up. Halfway through my conversation with them, I had a revelation:

Me: Wait, I have a dumb question.
OIT guy: Okay.
Me: Is the pound key the star one or the number sign?
OIT: Um... it's the number sign.
Me: OH... that was probably the problem. Sorry to bother you for such a dumb reason.
OIT: No problem.

Yeah, I felt smart.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Friday, April 20, 2007

More not studying

This morning and afternoon were very painful. So painful, in fact, that I had to watch 8 episodes of The Office in order to get through them. I had a science final and I had already studied my brains out. The questions were so ridiculus that, had I spent that time studying more, I would not have done any better on the final. Example:

Which is true, A or not A?
A) Always A
B) Always not A
C) All of the above

That is just ridiculous. Talk about learned helplessness. Usually I feel like studying more will help me, but not so in this case. I was very anxious, and usually I'm not that nervous for tests. Two more finals left (essays). Hopefully I can do something about it tomorrow. Maybe I'll watch some more online TV instead.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Not Studying

Now I am Not Studying. I had lunch at the MOA today. Yummmm... cheesecake...

So, I've been casually packing when I have a spare minute. I realized that some of my heavy textbooks are not going to be able to go in a flimsy cardboard box. Should I just use my suitcase? Distribute said textbooks among other boxes containing lighter things?

Oh, and I want to add that I think it is amazing how much stuff I have accumulated. I started out with 2 suitcases, a backpack, and 2 boxes of stuff. Now I have like... 10 boxes of stuff. Where did it all come from? Have I really been buying that much stuff? It's true that there are many books I never sold back... and a bunch of books I brought along after various visits home... but this is ridiculous. Why do I need the short stories of Guy de Maupassant? Goethe's Faust? I am such a sucker for pretty old books (another reason to keep me away from book sales and used book stores). Hopefully I can find a cheap bookshelf (or... I could just keep them in boxes).

I just answered some Board questions! They weren't the best answers... but someone needed to give some lame answers to cut down on the inbox.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A Lion's Meal

Today for a class of mine we all went up to Salt Lake for a luncheon. I was in the car with my professor, and his driving made me really nervous. I thought for sure we were going to crash. Utah drivers...

I had a four course lunch today. It was amazing. The first course was a shrimp cocktail (I think that's what it's called). It consisted of some shrimp and lettuce and sauce. The second course was a salad that was really amazing... lettuce, cherry tomato, and other salad-y things. The main course was crepes and rice. The crepes had chicken and pineapple in them, which was amazing. There were rolls too. I love rolls, and these were especially good rolls, with honey butter. Dessert was strawberry cheesecake. It was so delicious. I didn't think I could eat that much, but I totally polished off every dish. Needless to say, I wasn't especially hungry for dinner today. I think that's the first time I've had a multiple-course lunch. Um... yeah, it was amazing.

That reminds me of another multiple-course meal I attended last week - the BYU Seder service. I was so full that the next day I ate like... one full meal. I also drank a lot of grape juice, and when you put it in a wine glass, it tastes really good. I was a little disappointed that we didn't have lamb though. I haven't eaten lamb before.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

My blog just shrank

So... I decided to save some posts as drafts. I was feeling insecure about the security of my identity.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Toilet Talk

Toilets in Utah amaze me. They rarely get plugged up, even though it often looks like they're about to overflow. There must be a few gallons of water in there. California has some regulations on toilets, so they can't use as much water (which means they plug up easier). That must be one of the reasons Canada's top illegal export is toilets (the things you learn in American Heritage!).

The problem with Utah toilets is that when they DO get plugged up, there's so much water in there that they're bound to overflow. I found this out the hard way a few days ago (the same morning that my shoelace broke, my cheese was moldy, and I got a piece of pollen stuck in my eye). Isn't it interesting that humans defecate in water? I should hope that such an activity doesn't occur very often in the wild. I guess it is the easiest way to get rid of something or varying... um... viscosity and concentration.

I went to the dentist a week and a half ago, and while filling out my personal information sheet the week before, I contemplated how much we trust dentists. My account number? My mother's social security number? Have I ever been on drugs for mental illness? Why does a dentist have to know these things? This dentist also kind of creeps me out. He has these pictures of people with cheesy smiles on the walls. I would be much more impressed with a Van Gogh print or something.

I finally turned in my IRB form for my honors thesis (again). I was so nervous. I hate paperwork. I wish I could just do experiments without anyone approving them.

So, I said goodbye to my red shoes today. One had a hole in the bottom. I didn't want their life to be completely wasted, so I took one apart. There were these card-stock kind of layers in the heel and the toe to keep them from just smooshing around. There were also a few layers of gauzy stuff, for insulation I suppose. There were only two pieces of metal in the whole thing, and they were little round bits to hold the rubber part to the part under where the insole is glued. Um... yeah, it was fun.