Thursday, August 06, 2015

little goals

This week I've been happily exercising--walking, biking, yoga-ing, and ellipticalling. I felt inspired by an essay in the new Fresh Courage Take, in which a stay-at-home-mom feels more purpose and joy in her life my making little life goals about things other than keeping her kids alive. I have two physical health goals I'm working towards: I want to bike to bridal veil falls and back with Piper, and I want to hike Mt. Timp. I'm thinking I should have some intermediate goals too. I'd like to try out the Murdock river trail on my bike, and I'd also like to hike that mountain up Provo canyon again.

I and some of Adam's friends have been working on a video game project we've entitled Midnight Blues, and for a while I was writing away at things like backstories and lore. Right now I'm not really sure what the most productive thing I could do one it is, and it might just be to wait until the engine and art and story are a little further. I know I'll be a lot busier towards the end of the production cycle (assuming we can finish it) when I head up the PR/Marketing front of things. I feel like writing the story is a lot more interesting to me, but someone (i.e., me) has to do the less-interesting parts of game manufacturing in this situation. In the meantime I can work on other things!

Admittedly I haven't been doing very much creative stuff. I did design a little overcoat in Animal Crossing, among other things:

I've also been planning and cooking dinner each night, which is a good habit to be in. I have some other goals to try to make things I haven't made before. Life is pretty good.