Wednesday, September 06, 2006

ERROR: Table '100hourboard.Submissions' doesn't exist

So, the Board has been down, so it has been pretty boring around here. Although I did have some online researching time with my ridiculous class - One of the more frustrating questions was "Why are theories of explanation often called nomological-deductive theories?" but that one was at least do-able, after I found out that nomothetic theories are either the same or very similar. Another hard question was "What were the principals in the das Verstehen movement?" Yeah... that's nowhere on-line that I could find (feel free to prove that I have lame research skills). So hopefully I won't feel incredibly dumb tomorrow when my classmates are like "well, it was in the BOOK, duh!" (I did check...).

My favorite error message:
"You have reached the end of the Internet."


Nectar said...

Reached the end of the internet? That's a weird one.

Speaking of weird, how come the rule "i before e, except after c" doesn't apply to "weird"? That's weird.

But, I digress. I was going to say that "the end of the internet" reminds me of what Dilbert's Pointy-Haired Boss once said, "Dilbert, I'd like two hard copies of the Internet on my desk by tomorrow morning."

herb and gary said...

hi there whistler!

i have not checked your blog in a long time because it has been crazily busy around here.

as you know.

i just want to say that your battle skills in chapter 27 were most unprecedented and awesome. thanks for helping us out and stuff.

gary also says thanks (via BARK). and as for zolthon, i'm not sure what his take is on the matter. he seems to be missing at the moment. maybe we should go find him? hopefully in chapter 28 we will go find him. i guess we'll find out...

thanks again!


and herb.

Terrah said...

In response to your comment on my blog: yes, I agree. What-could-have-beens ARE frustrating.

But the actually-weres usually are better (beneficially) than anything that wasn't and could have been.

Wow ... that's a lot of hypothetical talk.

Whistler said...

hey herb and gary,
I wasn't able to post a comment on your site for some reason, but I like the oozing through people and regeneration stuff.

erin said...

"You have reached the end of the Internet" was just something one of our webmsters threw in for fun.

Whistler said...

I figured that, but I still think it's funny/cool.