Monday, September 25, 2006

Problem-Solving Applied

So I made a new blog for my IP&T class. It's pretty boring, but I thought I'd inform you of its existence. I haven't had any deep thoughts lately, although I've been trying to reconcile my want for affection and my want to avoid any kind of committed relationship (basically I feel like it would be unjust... seeing as how I hate feeling owned). The obvious solution is NCC (non-comittal cuddling), or sublimation (converting sexual energy into something useful). Yes, that's right, I just wrote "sexual energy." I wonder if it's measurable. Wait, I'm not sure if I want to know., let's talk about microwaves!

Mmm I took a test today. I think I have either a compulsion to compelete tests or a sick satisfaction. I think it could be a compulsion because I don't really feel great when I'm taking a test but afterwards I'm like "ahh yes I can relax now." Not too abnormal though.


herb and gary said...


taking a test is like scratching the back of your ear with your foot for twenty minutes.

because when you're doing it, it sucks, but when you're done with it, it feels awesome.

until you have to start again.

and i've found that no matter how many itches you satisfy, your ear will itch again. and no matter how many tests you complete, there are going to be more. until you're done with school. unless we're talking about metaphorical "tests". like tests of faith. those go on far beyond graduation.

ack, gotta go, my ear itches.


Nectar said...

You seem like you might be a sane, normal person, Whistler, so let me ask you a touchy question.

Let me preface this another way. A long time ago I was dating a girl at BYU who was, shall we say, a little messed up. Okay, that was probably irrelevant. Her adopted father, with whom she was living, was the head of some department or group at BYU responsible for undergraduate psychology students. Dr. Farmer was his name, I believe. One time at his house he told me, as though it was common knowledge, that almost all of the undergraduate psychology students are in the program primarily in an effort to understand themselves. They think they are abnormal, but they don't want to go to a psychiatrist for help, so they study psychology in an effort to make sense of themselves. Which would explain why so many psychologists seem a little odd.

So, what do you think about the motives for studying psychology of undergraduate psychology majors? Are they just trying to diagnose themselves, and are they more likely to be abnormal?

Whistler said...

haha... I think a lot of kids are in psychology because they think they're crazy and want to understand themselves. Many of them have been through therapy, actually. When I started studying psychology I was intriuged by the idea that I could be mentally ill and not even know it (and I think I gave myself some mental acne by thinking about it all a little too much - sometimes self-analysis is enough to drive one nuts).

Psychology is a popular major, and I think it could be due to interest in humans and the self (we are interested in things we can apply to ourselves after all). But I wouldn't say that all psychology students think they're crazy.

ymb2006 said...

I understand the fear of a committed relationship, and I hope you never find yourself feeling owned; it would be a tragedy to confine a free spirit such as yourself.