Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Longboarding down the Spanish Fork river trail

I picked up longboarding last week. Today I went for a lovely ride down the river. Biking is a lot like driving, and longboarding is more like "thrills and pushes*." Either you're going downhill and it's pleasant/exciting, or you're going uphill and working it. And it's completely deflating to come to a complete stop.
I'm so punk (not rlly). Also the sun is in my eyes.
I love it. I can look over to the river and pretend that I'm surfing. I practiced pumping with my left foot (I'm right-footed). I tried going down a huge and short hill and jumped off because I lost control (not as scary as it sounds. You simply move your feet from the board to the pavement and voila, you're not moving anywhere). I crouched down on my longboard, and at about 3 mph, I touched the pavement. It felt good.
the Spanish Fork river trail. It's nice for a beginner longboarder because all the inclines are really gradual. Sad because it's mostly uphill all the way back.
Yes, I live next to farms!
*I have to push off with my foot a lot but there is something called pumping that I think eliminates the need for this? I think it's basically wiggling a lot to build up momentum, and I can't really figure it out yet.

pinto beans, chicken, spinach, egg, and cheese? YES. Oh, I forgot salsa. Better than it looks.


Shana said...

Fun! Curt has been looking at longboards, but I've always been a bit nervous based on the experiences of my extreme longboarding friends. It's good to know there's a beginner's trail in Spanish Fork.

Cara said...

Love the hardcore longboarder face! That pic just made my day.

Andrea Landaker said...


lisalou said...

Sounds as if you're having fun!