Thursday, November 30, 2006


Whistler: hey are you going to answer that question about kissing phobia?
Quandary: i wasn't planning on it
why do you ask?
Whistler: because it seems like one of those ones that's fun to answer
wouldn't want you to miss out on it
Quandary: lol
yes but i don't know what i would answer
you have a nice answer though

that was a funny question
Tangerine: i thought so too
I'm kind of hoping that it gets some funnier answers
Whistler: I was going to put something like "I give lessons, wink wink" but I thought it would be too blase
Tangerine: haha
Whistler: plus I don't know the gender of the questioner
Tangerine: you could do it as "the Supershrink"
Whistler: lol... but then how would I break it to the poor reader
that I'm actually a girl
Tangerine: yeah, that's true
haha. well, you know readers hardly ever take you up on those sorts of things
i think it would be funny
Whistler: I know!
I think I will do it then
Tangerine: or even make up an entirely new alias
Whistler: oh, readers hate new aliases
too many to keep track of

I don't know who would pay $147 fot that movie
educational video
Tangerine: haha. whatever
they should just go out and kiss somebody
get it over with


Wally_III said...

HA! I can't wait for it to post. Should be interesting.

Tangerine said...

Hmm... I think maybe I ought to go change my answer to that one. ;)

Tangerine said...

Ah well, too late now.

eleka nahmen said...

Some of the best Board posts in history have been about kissing.