Saturday, November 25, 2006


"As ever, things did not go entirely as the therapist had anticipated. "

This is from an actual psychology abstract. Hahaha!


Shazer said...

Hahaha....sometimes this psychology stuff cracks me up. Man oh man! So...classes I am's see. I am taking psych of religion, (with Dr. G of course!!) psych and film (man, that one is gonna be great!) psych of gender, and personality. I am also taking basketball (for the second time...since I don't want to mess with auditing it) ice hockey, and mission prep. It should make for an interesting semester to say the least. I am pretty excited. Then, I think I'll go on a mission, and come back to finish school. The way i see it...I changed my major half way through my sophmore year...and I've really been trying to make up for lost time. I am a junior at this point...and I think (I've looked at it 50,000 times) that I should only have about a year left after this semester. But, I plan on going to grad I'll still be in school for a while. But that is the time I get done, I'll be able to do what I want.

Lexi Khan said...

Hello my dear!! I just wanted to leave you a quicko comment and let you know how great I think you are.

You are super extra amazing great.



<3 Lexi

eleka nahmen said...

That sounds like the opening line of what could be a very wickedly funny story, should it come from just the right person.