Monday, October 09, 2006


In answering a question
I purport to know the answer.
In lingering and partying
I show a confident air.
In my trivial love affairs
I like to say, "I don't care!"
While in conversation
I'm the pinnacle of perfection -
but knock down my keystone of arrogance,
my pride of never disappointing,
and I crumble into a pitiful heap -
I try to answer, and I turn out wrong,
children make fun of my attempts to be social,
I smile coyly, but he doesn't smile back,
and my sentence construction and articulation
become incoherent shadows of a lost pride.

(Plainspeech: I pretend to know, but I don't
I pretend I'm popular, but I'm not
I pretend I don't care, and then I do
I pretend I'm confident, but inside a critique crumbles me.)


Anonymous said...

Check your email!

ymb2006 said...

I have two minutes to write this, but everyone has feelings on inadequacy, at least they do if they aren't extremely narcissistic. You siad that you enjoy uncertainty in a relationship, just think of these feelings as proof that you have uncertainty in your relationship with yourself.