Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Boy and Music Situations

I was just reading a friend's blog, and it was rather sad. He was complaining about how girls always just like him as a friend. I guess I've never had that complaint (usually girls just like me as a friend and I like to keep it that way). And I can't have the complaint that guys just like me as a friend, since I had a boyfriend this winter. But now it's different - I think that once I have a boyfriend, I turn into a shallow, infatuated, girly person. Maybe I just need to avoid shallow-ness... (i.e., start relationships with a firmer foundation). I'm actually not too concerned at the moment about getting another boyfriend, in fact I'd like to avoid it if I can help myself, but I do think that I shouldn't not think about these things. Well, not much more to say on that subject, and it's fairly boring.
So I'm here in California. I've gotten some new CDs - a Muse album and a Travis album (they were Optimistic.'s recommendations). I've been in a kind of experimental music phase. I mean, I like experimental music, but I've been experimenting with what kind of music I like. Radiohead is a new favorite of mine, probably since last year. I remember listening to Amnesiac for the first time and thinking how weird it was, and then listening to it some more and liking it. It was a lot like some modern classical music in that sense. Some music, you like it the first time, and then each repetition the music gets less likable, but with some music, usually the music I like the most, the first listening is somewhat uncomfortable, but then familiarity breeds liking. I guess it's this kind of dedication to music that will always be my weakness. I mean, hey, maybe I could like any kind of music if I listen to it enough, so how am I going to tell what kind of music I really like? Maybe all music is equally likable... although somehow I doubt that (that would be an interesting experiment... have participants listen to different pieces of music multiple times and see how their liking of it changes with each repetition).

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Thirdmango said...

Being as how I love music oh so much this is a post that makes sense to me. If you really want to try your hands at all sorts of new music and different genres, I'm your man to talk to. I have very different things that I gaurantee that you've never heard a lot of the stuff I have. I'm also currently in a radio production class and will be going into being a DJ at our radio station.

Now as for listening to it more often I too have found that some music I like more when I listen to it more (such as Kings of Convenience) or like it less by listening to it more (such as Weezer). It's a very interesting dichotomy to me.