Friday, August 25, 2006

Awareness of Human Condition = Guilt?

In a kind of paradoxical way, I find God's grace humbling. I wish that when people look at the things I've achieved I could tell them "but really, I think God must like me a lot, because I'm definitely not this smart/charming." It reminds me of a quote from my social psychology teacher: "I believe the Holy Spirit uses guilt." Guilty people are more likely to help others, and more likely to help more. Is it blasphemous to think that God manipulates His children? hehe...


Nectar said...

"Manipulate" is a pretty strong word. I know that as a parent I've used various forms of psychology to get my children to make the right decisions, and think they did it without my help. When you are married you will work to help your spouse understand the consequence of his actions, and show him a better way. He may feel manipulated at times, and perhaps you will resort to manipulation at times. If you do it truly because you love the person, and have no self-interest in the matter, as is the case with God, I don't think you call it manipulation.

Interesting post.

herb and gary said...

zolthon does not believe in god.

but gary and i do. well, i think gary does. he doesn't talk much about the subject of religion...

...granted, he doesn't talk at all. but, you know, i've been living with the fellow for quite some time and even if he does not speak english i can tell what he says most of the time.

anyway, i do think your post is interesting. i don't think that god manipulates, though.

obviously it is guilt-inducing to step back and realize how much god has given us... but just think, EVERYONE on earth is quite blessed (even me! and i'm not even on earth right now!), and has reason to feel humbled by that. it's just folks like you and me who RECOGNIZE our blessings who are then stricken with the guilt of inaction and that whole "undeserved blessings" feeling.

anyway, i've got to escape from this place, somehow, as all of a sudden we seem to be imprisoned. never a dull moment around here!

take care,


Whistler said...

You're both right. "Guides" is a more correct term.

Thirdmango said...

You know, I have a very hard time feeling guilt, it's a feeling that I don't get often, and so on my mission, I had to find a different motivation then guilt. Guilt is almost too easy a motivation. I think it's a good thing though to be able to use it to motivate yourself to find something better then guilt.

I do like the term manipulate though, guides seems like too nice of a word, and maybe even a totally different word. Guilt does feel like a manipulation, and thus back to why I don't think guilt is a good way to get yourself motivated in religious things. Basically to say I'll do it so I don't get in trouble, you're scared of the consequences instead of doing it because you want to. I don't know, interesting thoughts.