Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Clouds and food

Family photos over on the family photo blog! Here are some non-baby pictures for you too:

some kind of caterpillar we found on the river trail
mushroom tree
bridal veil falls

I like the texture of this brick
Happy Halloween
Hiking Timp

yeah, it rained
In the fall you can go wading in leaves

cap cloud on Timp
cute little panni clouds

I had a party for the British Bake-off finale! I made this Pan L'Accienne. Koko ate one of my loaves >_<
Adam and I made minestrone
Our cousin brought macarons and this photo doesn't do it justice. Grapefruit ganache!
My neighbor brought eclairs and they were delicious. Then I got too busy hosting and didn't take any more photos.
One night in November we had the most awesome sunset.

view from our room in Albuquerque