Sunday, November 29, 2009

nothing in particular I just feel like talking to the Internet again

Impromptu hang-out of three guys here this afternoon. One revealed he'd never had a girlfriend, worried about it somewhat, but decided to leave it in God's hands. A roommate suggested we get together. Protesting: "I hate being the starter girlfriend!" Maybe it's because I think "starter" girlfriends have an obligation to make dating fun and unserious.

There are only two more weeks of classes! Frig! I don't understand why I have procrastinated my papers this long. If I procrastinate it, does it mean I hate it?

ahh so I gave my blog URL to a high school friend and doing that self-reflexive "what do people think of me from reading my blog?" And I'm so serious and BORING and WHINEY all the time. I was reading back on some of my entries, and at least they were funny! Why am I not funny anymore, that's what I want to know. Probably because I've started to worry about whether I'm funny or not. Maybe I should stop worrying about it! At least I don't write bad poetry anymore!


Andrea said...

I don't know; bad poetry might be funny! :-)

Hee hee, a starter girlfriend makes me think of sourdough starter . . . now there's an interesting metaphor . . .

Tiff said...

wow, that's EXACTLY what i was thinking was I reading back on my entries. Either we're a lot alike or everyone is whiney and boring and progressively becoming less funny. boo.

And what's wrong with a starter girlfriend? No one forgets their first love! :)

The Black Sheep said...

Ha, for how different we are, sometimes you say exactly what I'm thinking.