Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Guys, what makes you swoon?

So, I'm answering a Board question about how to be a good girlfriend (which I covered pretty well last year, I think), but more specifically, on what things make a guy "swoon" in a relationship. So if you're a guy, what makes you swoon, and if you're a girl, what have you done in relationships that made your significant other swoon (I'm assuming heterosexuality here, I hope you can deal with that)?


Daniel said...

Unexpected attention (surprise visits at work, periodic unneccessary (and brief) phone calls to talk, etc.).

Taking initiative (i.e. periodically being the one to plan and execute dates, invitations to dinner, generally things that aren't done together (which are a must, of course) but are done for me).

These are the two biggies for me.

Chase said...

I'm not sure mine is suitable for mixed audiences.

No, really I have a test in a couple hours and you'll get a real answer later.

Acius said...

Hmm ... that's kind of a hard question. Whenever I swoon, the thing that just barely happened is what makes me swoon. But I can't always predict ahead of time what it'll be, you know?

But here's a guess: I love passionate people. Passionate about saving rainforests, passionate about mathematics, passionate about crochet, whatever. And if you're passionate about something I'm interested in, the swoon potential is high.

Whistler said...

I agree that passion can have an infectious quality (how's that for attractive?). But it has to be passion for something that actually matters.

Anyway, the question posted today ( I didn't see your comment until later, otherwise I would have included an exhaustive data set!