Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I reflect briefly on 2 things

Two things:

1. Sometimes I catch myself taking it personally if a student doesn't try or do well on an assignment. Like, I think they think they're being a punk or something, when actually some of them just don't care enough to try that hard. The hard part is when a student has really tried but still doesn't quite get it right. Then I think that I'm not a very good teacher.

2. It's kind of fun bonding to talk to friends about my romance life (or lack thereof?), but sometimes I'm afraid that it just intensifies my emotions, or creates artificial expectations. But, it's something to talk about that isn't grad school or the class I'm teaching.


Tiff said...

haha. yeah, romance is fun to talk about, but yeah it tends to push you to one of the extremes: dislike or idealization. lol.

Andrea said...

Yeah, I remember sometimes I'd be like, "do I actually like this person, or do I just need somebody to have a crush on so I don't get bored?". Who knows, but sometimes obsession is fun. :-)