Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Royal silent portable

Um... I was at DI yesterday and found a typewriter in the collectibles section. I couldn't pass this chance up, even though it'll need some repairs (and was a little pricey). No, seriously, gorgeous! The glass keys and white letters on black paper are kind of hard to come by. It needs a rubber band thing to make the space bar work properly, and some other repairs (you can see in the first photo that the caps lock is having issues). Other than that, yeah. I think I'm in love.


Becky said...

oh. my. goodness. that is freakin' awesome. congrats on your recent acquisition.

Andrea said...

Beautiful! You can write up your school papers on it. :-)

Tiff said...

That looks so rare and artsy! Good investment. haha, you should go into a local starbucks or something with that and sit down with all the wireless laptop people and start typing. That would be hilarious.