Sunday, November 30, 2008

monologue with myself as audience

Ah, so writing this paper is easier to postpone than I anticipated (you know, the writing sample for grad school). I feel like I'm out of ideas, but really I should concentrate on fleshing out the ideas I already have. I'm a little worried that I'll finish it and think it's genius and then everyone else will be like, "obviously you haven't taken any college English lit classes!" But this is a fear I need to face.

I'm becoming more conscious of my wardrobe: I have gotten to the point where I know some of my clothes are just ugly, now I need to find replacements for them, which will probably take a while considering that a) I don't go shopping a lot and b) I'm not just full of money right now (also my weight is in a state of flux? My job is seriously horrible for me controlling what I eat). But I think if I were to say I was going for a certain style, it would be European (that sounds better than old-manish or geriatric). Speaking of being like an old person - I have been sleeping like 10-12 hours every night this break. No wonder I'm like, "where did my day go?" I'm not sure if that qualifies for hypersomnia or not (especially if I can wake up earlier if I want to). Sleeping just seems more fun than most of the things I do.


Andrea said...

Ahhhh sleeping . . . maybe you're saving it up for when you have kids someday . . . ;-)

What does European style even look like? Other than expensive Italian clothes . . . Like, is there a store you have in mind?

Whistler said...

just, well, old-timey updated for modern sensibilities. Non-nerdy steampunk. Think "The Painted Veil."

Andrea said...

Never seen the Painted Veil -- is it good? Clothes look cool, but the real question is -- are they comfortable? :-D