Sunday, November 02, 2008


Everything seems irrelevent, but not in a bad way. Years from now no one will care what books I read or what movies I saw. But in the moment I read them, it makes me appreciate beauty at times, at other times crudeness or sadness. So it matters, in that I feel art helps me be more broad-minded, at least emotionally, but at the same time maybe some other things are more important.

But is it the moment's joy that matters, or how I'll feel looking back on it? Will I remember how important I thought these things are?


tiff said...

you could journal, and then it'd be easier to remember. Though, the things that you learn and the moments you share with art changes you subtly, so you never really lose it even if you forget. More likely you will care less about and forget the practical things you had to do in the past.

Andrea said...

I feel the same way whenever I think about scrapbooking, or taking pictures -- is this stuff really important? Is anyone going to care?

I think it's worth it, most of the time, if you feel like you've learned something. Though there are a few books where I felt dumber after reading them . . . :-)

Charly said...,,351113,00.jpg

This is what would happen if all humans suddenly disappeared from the face of the planet. Talk about irrelevant . . .

I guess what I'm saying is: sculpt a bronze statue?