Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dream hairstyles

Every once in a while I fall in love with a hairstyle I see in a movie or book. I really liked Amelie's hairstyle (in Amelie), and I kind of liked Trixie's hair (in Speed Racer). But they have black hair, which I would undoubtedly look sickly and ugly in (not to mention it's straight). So it wasn't until I watched Wild Strawberries that I really liked a hair style that I could actually have one day: Sara's hairstyle. It's short, yet girly, but not annoyingly so. I'd like to just walk into a salon and give them these screenshots and say, "cut my hair like that!" Does anyone know if it has a name ("poodle cut"? that sounds horrible! The sides are a little different I think)? I'm not sure I could pull if off, though. The movie itself was great, by the way. It's about a professor who realizes he's been mean to people, but only at an advanced age.


Summer said...

As I recall it has a lot to do with death, too, right?

Ah, Ingmar.

Andrea said...

That looks like a hairstyle that requires a curling iron, or curlers. Maybe your hair's curly enough that you could pull it off, though! :-)

You probably actually could take a picture into a decent hair salon and they'd try and do that (it's not that uncommon).