Sunday, May 06, 2007


So in the last week I quite literally had one of the crappiest days ever. Yes, I had stomach flu, and it affected my GI tract. I'm sorry if any of you had to hear about it.
I got my grades from winter semester. It was pretty much my worst semester for grades, but it really wasn't that bad, considering everything I was doing at the time and how much I procrastinated work for ALL of my classes. Classes for this term aren't extremely exciting. One of my classes goes for three hours straight twice a week. Hopefully I won't die of boredom. My conducting class should be good though. I feel like having taken it might make my callings a little more predictable.
So, I'm in my own place now, with [a writer who shall remain unnamed]. We party it up all the time. My brother comes over frequently and it's kind of fun to see him a little more. I like being a little more independent. Mostly I just like eating whatever I want, whenever I want, and not having to be home at a certain time for dinner or else incurring the wrath of someone. So... yeah. Also, Tangerine is in our ward. Fun times.


Uffish Thought said...

Oh, man, there went your anonymity. Half the ward knows I write. Well, at least a couple.

ahem. said...

Parties? I want in! You should invite me.

Except then I will just be sad when I can't come.

Hmph. Stupid work. Stupid money-based economy.