Friday, May 18, 2007


I went to work for over four hours today. That's not too bad, but I hadn't worked that long before. I kind of felt like this:
toothpaste for dinner

So in other news... I think I am not eating enough vegetables because I'm getting dark spots under my eyes. I've heard that such things can be caused by vitamin K or iron deficiencies. I pretty much just eat grain and dairy... so I should probably learn how to cook meat or something. I was thinking of getting some meat today but I find the meat sections of stores really intimidating, not to mention that meat is a heck of a lot more expensive than bread. Today feels like Saturday. That's kind of cool because it will be like I have two Saturdays in one week.

I've been checking out lots of CDs from the music library. It makes me feel cultured. I went shopping today with my own grocery cart for the first time. Food is really expensive. Especially when you buy fancy things like a potato masher. I went when I was really hungry and I was really proud of myself for limiting my purchase to under thirty dollars (so I made more than I spent today, yay!). I did buy a piece of chocolate cake for $0.75 though. I felt justified because it was on the clearance rack. Hopefully it doesn't taste too much more worse than it looks. I think it has a gold leaf on it too. I'm excited to see if that's edible.

One thing I am really scared of is running out of milk. I think I drink a gallon in a little less than a week. That means my grocery day would have to be staggered, or I would have to go through periods of overlap between gallons. The other day I was at work and one of the... erm... grown-ups at work saw me in the hall and made me drink the rest of the milk she had brought with her. It was really good. They have their own milkman deliver milk every week. I didn't even know milkmen existed anymore. That made me happy. Also, toothpastefordinner makes me happy. I want to pace myself so I don't rid myself of all the novelty of the archives at once. It also makes me want to start my own webcomic, although I know that it wouldn't support my eating habit. *sigh*


Krebscout said...

I like that you wrote not "eating habits" but "eating habit", as if it were a pesky thing, an addiction. Also, allow me to story-top you by saying that I worked for 13 hours today. Also, allow me to say that you should get a job with me, because you can get all sorts of fresh fruit and vegetables for free that way.

Yay leftovers!

tiff said...

You should go to Costco to buy meat. It's much cheaper. And if you are very lazy or don't have time, buy those microwaveable things that are grain, meat and veggies all in one. haha. That's what I do... or takeout. ahhh, those that go to college do have shortened lifespans, don't they?

Andrea said...

It's probably easier to buy frozen meat -- it'll keep longer. Chicken is really easy to cook. If you want the cheap route, just buy a bag of frozen drumsticks. You can cook them in BBQ sauce or equal parts honey and mustard in the oven at 350. That's pretty easy.

If you like fruit more than vegetables, you can get most of the same nutrients from fruit. Just buy whatever fruit is on sale -- $1 a pound is a good price for most fruit. Or just get some frozen mixed vegetables and add it to top ramen or other soup. Canned soup is a good way to get meat and veggies that is fast, easy, cheap, and tastes good.

Hope this helps!

Thirdmango said...

So i still have not found humor in Toothpaste for dinner, probably because I've been into random humor for more then 15 years and this just doesn't feel funny to me. So if you do indeed make a webcomic and it's something like TFD, I probably won't like it. :) Though I do have about 5-10 webcomics I follow regularly.