Saturday, February 10, 2007


So, Uffish and I went and got contracts for the place we're going to be living in during S/S. I'm excited. It's a house! With its own little mailbox! Optimus Prime and his wife will be living in the basement beneath us... so we could have some pretty awesome Board parties. Hopefully I'll be able to manage my social life and academic life, unlike I am doing now. I'm leaving more things until the last minute... and I don't even care that much. That kind of thing scares me, because previously I've been very aware and diligent in my schoolwork. I still feel like education is mostly a farce.

So addendum to previous acronym: CAPS is more of a CA?PS. And if I didn't know better, I'd say he's trying to avoid me. He just doesn't know that he's madly in love with me yet... (I say these kinds of things to make myself feel better... just so you know that I'm completely aware of my self-deception). Perhaps CA?PS should now be CUPS (Cute Uninterested Professor's Son). That's the problem with human variables: they change based on one's knowledge of them.


Kismet Keeper said...

I have more of a problem balancing my "free time" with time that I should be working... I just sit around not really doing much instead of homework. =/

Thirdmango said...

Huzzah, I might stop by more often knowing you're not in your grandparent's house. That's coolio that youre getting an apartment. Hey, do you still wanna go to Go tomorrow? I think it would be fun.

Shazer said...

Just chill. You are doing fine. Life is good. School will soon be over...and you will be wishing you were back in it. That is one funny thing about life....we wish it away, then we wish we had it back. You are doing fine.