Saturday, November 02, 2013

Sailor Moon's Theology

I recently finished reading the Sailor Moon manga. It's ridiculous magical girl stuff everywhere. I felt like the first ten volumes were TOO MUCH action and not enough character development (thank goodness for SuperS). But I did find the theology (lore?) of Sailor Moon to be really kind of interesting. Spoilers ahead!

Tenets of Sailor Moon lore:
-Sailor Moon is the savior of the world in an epic struggle against evil
-She and Tuxedo Mask are like... the protectors of our universe?
-Evil/chaos must exist if good exists, like light existing means darkness exists
-Every planet has a guardian who has a special sailor scout crystal (is she always a woman?)
-Everyone has crystals that are like their souls, which exist outside the physical body

Okay, I'm not sure where I was going with this. I think the part I liked about Sailor Moon was that she learned how to become a semi-divine being, and that in the end she had to do it not just out of love for her friends, but a love of peace.


Anonymous said...

word-choice issue?

Rachel Helps said...

D-: how embarrassing fixed