Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We made tonkatsu ramen!

I was really disappointed that the Japanese cookbook I bought didn't have a recipe for tonkotsu (pork) ramen... but we decided to make some anyway (guess it's technically Chinese). We slow cooked a big pork bone overnight with some onion in a bunch of water for the broth. We baked some excellent pork tenderloin for the meat (just salted a little). We had way too much, but I guess that means pork salad in the future!

Adam cuts up the meat
We did Udon noodles but Ramen noodles would have been easy too. You can see the lotus root in this photo; we bought it frozen and just boiled it for five minutes. We also had some fish cake and green onion, along with medium-boiled egg for topping. I think the egg really made it! At the end we added some soy sauce. All the weird food was from the Asian market in Orem.

The weird-looking stuff is the lotus root. You put the broth over the toppings at the end.
The completed Ramen (well I guess Udon). This is what these bowls were made for!


Adam Helps said...

It's 豚骨(とんこつ) in Japanese :). I was thinking pork in a stir fry or battered for sweet & sour pork. And yeah, super tasty.

Rambalac said...

Tonkotsu ramen is ramen made with ton(pork) kotsu(bones). Pork bones are boild for half a day to get white cream stock.
Writing "We made ramen with udon is the same as "We made beefsteak with pork"

Rachel Helps said...

It sounds like you know a lot about making pork broth. I did boil pork bones for a long time to get our broth; what in your opinion is the best way to do it?

Rambalac said...

And there is no such thing as "tonkatsu ramen"