Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Croissants and bentos

I made croissants for the first time. It involved freezing butter, making dough have lots of layers, and overnight rising. In the first batch, I didn't line up both triangles very well and ended up with crab croissants:

The next batch had triangles that were the wrong shape and ended up looking like shrimp. They tasted good at least!

I made a bento using leftover crepe filling in an omelet.  

Adam made delicious apricot ham
the next day's bento was make-your-own-sandwich (bread not shown)
Today I felt really uninspired for bento-making. We need to go grocery shopping... I made a spinach omelet with some toast and then I had no idea what to do with the extra space, and the cottage cheese wasn't secure and probably got all over everything. Not every bento is beautiful, alas.


Acius said...

Those were some amazing croissants :). I am a fan of ham, too.

Andrea Landaker said...

crab croissants! so cute! All you need is little currants for eyes! :-D