Friday, January 06, 2012

Goals follow-up: Extensive reading!

I've decided that for my goal in keeping up Japanese, I want to read in Japanese every day. This blog has some information on "extensive reading," and it sounds great: read in your target language and if you have to look up lots of words find something easier (the blog is also a great resource for online Japanese stories and how to buy used books in Japanese).

even their readers have a cute mascot
We've ordered more graded readers to help (we have Level 1, Vol. 1, whose five stories I finished this week. It's a great feeling to read a story without looking up tons of words!). I'm thinking I'll reread the stories to get the vocabulary a bit better. If I keep doing updates on this goal I will probably do it over at my failed Japanese language blog (I got really frustrated when youtube took down my 10-second clip of Fruits Basket. It's educational! It's fair use!). 

Also, we planned out this week's meals! We didn't follow the plan exactly but it helped a lot with the "whadya wanna eat tonight?" "I dunno, whadda you wanna eat tonight?" problem.


Andrea Landaker said...

Great! Yeah, I write down meals for the next week or so on my calendar, but there's a lot of arrows switching things around and putting meals on a new night when we change our minds. But it definitely helps to know what to buy while shopping and spend less time deciding and more time cooking!

Tamsin North said...

I should really try to find something like this for French. I speak some and love the language, but don't really get a lot of opportunity to use it.

Also, just added your blog to my reader. :)

Whistler said...

Oh, I just ordered the first Harry Potter for Adam. I recommend this site: