Thursday, September 15, 2011

Book projects in the last year

I wanted to document some of my bookbinding projects from last year, and I only just now got around to uploading photos. I can't remember this binding type's name, but the entire cover is made from one expensive piece of paper. The endband is hand-sewn. I gave it to my older brother for Christmas last year:

 This was a regular hardback I made with my mom's tastes in mind. It has yellow inside paper things and only got a little glue on it.

Below: This wasn't a bookbinding project, but it was a little book I made for a friend I was missing. I entitled  it "Activites for Adults and Children Alike." I'd like to see a real book like this, with cutesy drawings and stuff. I took a signature from some paper I had cut and just sewed in together with some yarn.

I also made a Minecraft cookbook, which I put over on my gaming blog. I know that I'm no expert at bookbinding, but it was fun to make some books.