Thursday, August 04, 2011

August rain and lunches

Koko snoozing
Koko at 10 weeks looks out the window

I think it has rained every day for the past two weeks. It even hailed a ton one day:

It's the first August in Utah I've had where it is possible to be outside at 3pm and be comfortable in pants. I love the cooler weather, and I'm sure there will be a hot day somewhere down the road that really feels like summer. I got super-soaked by a four-year-old and Koko did nothing to protect me. She fled, not even barking a threat. Maybe when she's older she'll be less bitey of me and less scared of everything (last week the vacuum was nothing, this week it's a monster about to eat me). 

We got a breadmaker, and even though I've messed up the last two recipes, the products have been delightfully edible. Oh, and I picked up some old bento boxes from Balgram, which renewed my vigor in making them (also, I promised I would use them, so this post is in part proof). I've been looking to Bento Love for inspiration; I love all the photos. Here are all the lunches I've made in the past week (also, sorry about how Blogger and photos never get along):
Zuccini, cabbage, mushrooms, and ground beef. I forgot to salt the beef. 

Steamed cabbage with blanched bean sprouts and bonito flakes on the right. The left is shrimp taco leftovers: Red onion, corn, and shrimp combine with mango and cilantro (thanks to my Aunt Melissa for the idea)
Barley salad from Shana's recipe sharing circle; that stuff is rice pudding. Two tiers is especially nice for this kind of setup.
Spaghetti with green beans, chicken, mushrooms, and spinach
Spinach, sweet omelet, and ginger garlic chicken over rice (pickled ginger garnish)

Having leftovers like the chicken and spaghetti made making these lunches a lot easier. It also helped that I was getting up earlier to take Koko out (although I've simply gone back to bed some mornings). It's a way I show my love for my husband, and also it helps me experiment with new food stuff in a low-risk situation. I'm still content with a bagel and an apple for lunch, but I think making myself a portion beforehand is a good way to make sure I actually eat something other than pieces of bread (the laziness of the afternoon!).  Anyway, that's what the last two weeks have been like. 


Damaris said...

All I can say is You're Awesome! Steven makes his own PB sandwich each day. I really need to take a page from your book.

Whistler said...

Some days are sandwich days for me too! But if you want to start small, see if he can take some leftovers for lunch.

Andrea said...

Yeah, I put leftovers in Wes lunch a lot, which we both like. Are your bento boxes microwave safe? I read most aren't, so we've been using it only for cold foods (perfect size for leftover sushi!).

You are making me hungry!

Whistler said...

I think the regular plastic is okay in the microwave, but the clear plastic one we have isn't (it got all warped :-(). I guess you could just try it for a few seconds and see what happens.