Friday, May 20, 2011

Packing lunch

I've been inspired by bento-style lunches and decided to try my hand at it. Last Friday I packed half-hamburgers:

Monday was salad, leftover mashed potatoes, and egg salad sandwiches:

Tuesday was 2 onigiri (rice balls; they're the triangle-shaped white things), Asian salad, lemon yogurt, instant miso, and beans (which Adam returned with. Apparently you need bread with baked beans).

Wednesday was Asian salad 2nd try, with leftover potato salad and vanilla pudding with a cookie. I also gave him some bread to have with yesterday's beans.

Thursday was company lunch for Adam, and Friday was just leftover bean soup and steamed potatoes/carrots. For dinner tonight I made sushi:
I tried making sausage sushi for the first time. It's... definitely American. The other rolls are permutations of crab sticks, shrimp, sweet omelet, and carrot. The only thing raw was the carrot. They were good with soy sauce and mayo! I was really proud of trying to make new things for lunches. In the past I've had the same thing every day: bagel, apple, granola bar, and yogurt. Adam is helping me see the virtue in variety, and while sometimes it's a struggle for me, I think it's very rewarding to think of good food to make with what food is available. 


Damaris said...

I definitely need to take lessons from you. I think Steven has a peanut butter sandwich (which he makes himself) 10 days out of 10. Those lunches look awesome!

Shana said...

Wow, Ad is lucky.

lisalou said...

Way to go! The lunches look beautiful. On a pedantic note, variety is not only attractive but also a good way to get all the various vitamins and nourishment we need. Variety also takes time and trouble to prepare. It's only recently that it occurred to me to prepare extra for myself when I assemble veggie snackbags or lunches for R.

Acius said...

I think my favorite was that Asian salad on Wednesday -- that was good stuff. The sushi dinner was a lot of fun too. Rachel started reading a bento blog a while back, and to whoever rights that blog: Thanks :).

I did actually have the baked beans, with bread, a day later. It's true, though, you have to have bread, or it doesn't taste right somehow.

Andrea said...

Sausage sushi?! Wes might actually like that kind . . . :-D

Whistler said...

@Damaris and Shan: I don't have a job or children right now, so I figure I can focus on making lunches.

@Lou: Sometimes I prepare myself lunch at the same time, and I think it helps me have a real lunch instead of just snacking.

@Andrea: The sausage was kind of weird with sushi rice, but you could try it!