Monday, February 21, 2011

Japan vacation advice?

Hello dear readers! I am now taking the opportunity to openly solicit advice on our upcoming trip to Japan. If you know anything about the most convenient hotels or must-see sights in the Tokyo and Kyoto areas, let me know! We are staying about two weeks (part of which is during Golden week, nonetheless).


Andrea said...

Don't know if this is still the case, but when we went if you were doing a session at the Tokyo temple you could stay overnight in their dorm very cheaply.

We never made it to the ninja museum (it's kind of far), but it sounds very cool.

I know there are some living history museums where you can dress up on 19th century clothing? Maybe this one?

Definitely Nara; that's really cool.

We stayed with a friend and her family, so I don't know about any hotels. :-(

Balgram said...

I recommend the ninja museum, the fox spirit shrine (if you don't mind walking up a mountain that is), visiting the emperor's palace, and if you have time taking a trip to the water shrine near Hiroshima, as well as the peace museum in Hiroshima, although you will feel genetically guilty for being white when you go.

As for Tokyo, the prettiest place is Fuji (not actually in Tokyo), and Shibuya is pretty crazy for sheer hey-look-this-is-insanely-busy. Roppongi hills is cool to look around if you just want to see big department stores.

The Ghibli museum near Kichijouji is frankly a must see if you have any interest in animated films/the ghibli films. Buy me some souvenirs, I'll make a list of stuff I want (there's a bunch you can only buy there).

Disney Sea is a Tokyo Exclusive and I'm told it's worth seeing. It has a very small focus on rides and a very big focus on shows, walking around pretty things, and mainly is a great place to bring a date, I'm told.

The Squaresoft store is cool if you've never been. Again, I have a shopping list if you go.

Also, this isn't a Tokyo/Kyoto exclusive but stop by a Book Off for your Japanese movies/games/manga needs; it's cheap because it's used and it's just as good stuff.

Yokohama is great for Minato Mirai and looking at Yokohama harbor.

If you have exact dates of when you'll be where I can see if people are free to let you crash at their homes for a day or two. Can't guarantee comfort, but it'll be authentic Japanese people and their authentic homes.