Friday, December 03, 2010

Preparing for Christmas!

We have a house and I can have a real Christmas tree!! It's very exciting. I have a few other Christmas decorations, and I am sure they will just kind of accumulate on their own.

For a craft project,  Adam and I made these Tomtens. They are Christmas elves I plan to hide in mischievous places Well, Adam is still working on his. The materials were really cheap! I just hope I can get the wooden bead to stick to the pipe cleaner neck somehow. ;;


ke said...

So crafty! (and is that an American Girl I see? I would've taken you for more of the Molly type, but, well...)

Andrea said...

Cute! I like your decorations so far. :-)

Christina said...

I have a Kirsten doll (with the same wintery outfit) packed away at my parents' house somewhere. I never thought of her as a Christmas decoration- great idea!