Friday, March 20, 2009

eye glasses: important fashion decision while under pressure

I just got new glasses (my last [most recent former] pair was my first pair of glasses ever, it was a big step for me). When I picked them out last week I thought they were black, but it turns out they're this bronze color that catches the light funny... actually I'm not sure if they even used the frames I picked out (I got the feeling they didn't trust my judgement, I hate it when two people try to help me pick out clothes or anything, because I know what I want and don't really care what they think). I wanted black plastic ones like the ones I had before, but all the ones they had screamed "jerk" or "I am trying to be hip." These metal ones feel lighter, but the plastic nose-hold things have additional screws in them, which I think makes the glasses less durable. I didn't really like the selection at my optometrist's, I wonder if I could buy frames online next time (but good luck getting insurance to pay for it, I guess)... like these (via Nerd Boyfriend, thanks for sharing that link bismark). Speaking of eyeframe trends, have you noticed that some people still wear those huge 80s frames? They're not in style anymore (though I applaud the increased visibility, even if they are ugly) - where do people get them? Do I need to find an optomitrist who specializes in vintage frames if I want some 50s horn-rims? There are so many things I don't understand about eyewear.


Andrea said...

Your insurance should pay the same amount no matter where you go. You may have to submit the claim yourself, though -- not too hard, usually you just print out a form from their website, fill it in, and attach the receipt. Costco has reasonable prices and selection on eyeglasses, and almost anywhere is going to be cheaper than the eyeglass shop at your optometrist. :-)

I have a hard time deciding on glasses, so I've been going with wanna-be invisible ones -- maybe next time I'll be brave enough to get something more trendy. :-)

Becky said...

you don't think 80s frames are in style? Let me direct you to the important part of that statement "even if they are ugly." Now I would like you to reflect on all fashion trends today. They are ALL ugly. It seems like the uglier your outfit is the cooler you look. I would like to refer you to this comic: So my dear friend, I would like to encourage you to seek out the ugly. And remember, ugly puts you at the forefront of cool.