Friday, January 23, 2009

words describing inner race

I was thinking about a specific type of racial term - a term for someone who "acts" like a different race than they are. Here is the list I am familiar with:

Oreo: Black person who acts white
Twinkie/banana: Asian person who acts white
Egg: White person who acts asian

I think these terms are interesting because it's usually like, racism between members of the same race (although I think "egg" could be used endearingly to a white person with lots of Asian friends?). Also: they are all foods? Are there more terms like this, and if not could we make them up (because I'm racially insensitive)?

Also: I got to watch some crazy Russian cartoons. I recommend hedgehog in the fog.

Now, please enjoy this photo of our ceiling!


Tiff said...

The photo's so much cooler if you don't tell us what it's a picture of. And yeah, I think the food terms are more endearing than an insult.

Giovanni Schwartz said...

One time there was this girl in my Sunday School class. She was by no means a small girl. Anyways, one time, she told us she was an Oreo, because she was black on the outside and white on the inside. I turned to my friend and said "More like a double-stuff Oreo."

krebscout said...

I suppose you could count chocolate-covered cherries or strawberries, but the whole "chocolate-covered" part takes away some of the snappiness, I think. You could say "chocolate-covered" anything. Oranges, for instance, or eggplants.