Monday, December 08, 2008

Embarrassment is likable!

Perhaps surprisingly, the momentary pain of being teased can lead to pleasure. During their 15 seconds of humiliation, the targets of teasing displayed common signs of embarrassment — gaze aversion; a coy, nervous smile; a hand touching the face; a head bowed submissively so as to expose the neck; and blushing. These gestures are ancient signs of appeasement that trigger a reconciliation response in most mammals, as they did in our study. The more targets showed these evanescent signs of embarrassment, the more the teasers liked them.
-NYT Times article, In Defense of Teasing (page 3)

This probably explains why I'm so endearing.


Andrea said...

It's true -- you're very cute when you're being teased. Sorry for always teasing you, though maybe I shouldn't be sorry . . . :-D

Tiff said...

you are endearing.