Sunday, April 20, 2008

Easily confused things

-Sons and Lovers and Fathers and Sons (and "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers," at some point)
-Mel Brooks, Mel Gibson, and Garth Brooks
-"onomastic" and "onanistic"
-Kuragin and Karagin in War and Peace
Bob Marley and Bob Dylan... until you realize that one is totally reggae and the other is folk rock!
-Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix (they both have... rare letters in their names!)
-All The King's Men and All The President's Men
-Dr. Zhivago and Dr. Strangelove (people? books?)
-"Cat's Cradle" the Cat Stevens song and Cat's Cradle the Vonnegut book
-Virgil, vigil, and virginal
-etymology and entymology
-Guns and Roses and Iron and Wine
-philandering and philanthropy
-Bob Dylan and Dylan Thomas
-fornication and formication
-other things that I will think of and add later


Thirdmango said...

Luckily once you really get to know who Mel Brooks, Garth Brooks and Mel Gibson are, then you'll never ever confuse them ever again. Three people who make up the points on a very large very spread apart triangle that is their names. :)

The Chalice of Evil said...

I used to confuse Nigel Hawthorne and Nathaniel Hawthorne all the time. It wasn't until I lost points on a quiz for saying that Nigel Hawthorne wrote The Scarlet Letter that I realized that they're names were different.

Portia said...

Gore Vidal and Vidal Sassoon.