Friday, December 07, 2007

Next Bestseller

I just thought of the next Bestseller! The only problem is, I haven't written it yet. It would be like a handbook and arranged alphabetically, and the title would be "How to Tell if Someone's Faking..." Entries would include "limping," "social status," "love," and "illness (mental or otherwise)." Someone just has to write it now and give me the credit! (This has always been one of my favorite webpages on lying. Not the most credible, but hey!)


MustacheBoy said...

I'll just say, as the most accomplished liar I know, that none of those describe me. In fact, I'm more likely to do the opposite of what it says while lying.

Or not. I just can't tell when I'm lying or not anymore. Hooray!

Whistler said...

No wonder I can't tell when you're lying!

Yellow said...

Okay, now you really sound like Dinosaur Comics. Seriously, just paste this on top of the standard text, and you're there.