Thursday, March 15, 2007

Fish Soup

I fell asleep reading my science textbook, and then when my roommate woke me up at 6 I didn't know if it was morning or night. I was so confused.

I have not had any epiphanies this week. I am getting sick of my classes. It would be pretty fun to take off a semester, except not for very long. Every now and then I get sick of the research they do at my work. Like it's going to make a difference.

Sometimes I think that people caught up in alternative medicine are weird. Like every physical problem you have is correlated with a mental problem. I just think that's kind of silly. I'm pretty close-minded I guess. I wonder if my professor reads my blog...

I want a day off, except I am terrified of missing class. To me it's like a sin. Especially since that class time is coming from tithing funds... although if I missed one day of a 3-credit class it would probably be okay, since if I had 3 less credits tuition would cost the same amount. Did that make sense?

I am getting worse at whistling. Sad.


Thirdmango said...

Your roommate? When did you get a roommate?

Whistler said...

since I've lived in Provo

Tiff said...

hmmm I always thought the money was to for you to boost up the overall GPA. I'm sure it doesn't matter if you skip class as long as you do well. Hey, more opportunity for other people to have time with the professor.

Anyways, I guess everyone needs a low point to be able to appreciate the high.

Kismet Keeper said...

Today is my own personal "writer appreciation day."

You rock, my friend. *nods*