Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Finals = Ugly

I don't want to write my paper and I don't want to study, and I wish it were over. I'm a horrible writer and I'm going to fail all my classes, and then my life will suck, not like it did before, but I'm sure it can get worse. No one will love me, I'll be kicked out on to the street and live in a cardboard box and freeze because Utah is cold. After losing several fingers and toes to frostbite I'll probably be admitted to a mental institution for being homeless and have a schizophrenic roommate, whom I will instantly start to emulate. Many years later they'll find out the catalyst for my pscychopathology and stop giving finals.

I have strange fantasies don't I? Whistler, you are so weird. Arrgh! Just write the stupid paper!


Whistler said...

I'm so glad you finished that paper.

Lexi Khan said...

LOL!!!!! Whistler dear, you WIN! Your post was good, and the comment just made it extra amazing. I just sat here and laughed for like three minutes.

Just wanted to remind you that you are great, and not to die over Finals week. Yuck. Stupid finals. This too shall pass... this too shall pass... the finals mantra.

Smile, friend!!

noelle feather said...

Hum, didn't I comment on here? Where did it go? :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe I was going to comment, and then I woke up or something. I think I was saying how happy I was that I just took my last final on Wednesday! WOO HOO!

Noelle Feather

krebscout said...

Gee, Whistler. I came to leave a comment because HECK YES I want to borrow Salinger's uncollected works, and then I see a Magritte painting and a They Might Be Giants reference and heck, I think we should be friends.

And way to finish your paper.

krebscout said...

The TMBG reference is the very title of your blog - Whistling in the Dark.

And yes, yes I will be at movie night. Possibly a bit late, but hopefully not.